Tracebility Management System,TMS

  • Trace all relevant production process information of the product when problems occurs 

  • Identify immediately its raw material, work order, product/batch number, equipment, operator, process, key process parameters etc 

  • Fool-proofing, prevent miss-processes, workflow errors, product mixing and other handover errors 

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Trace the whole process from purchase to packaging, complete the accurate batch traceability of products by scanning the QR code of equipment and transfer box. But if you need to trace the whole process of a single part, it requires dot matrix QR code for each part and it is necessary to determine the appropriate coding position, then laser code after shot blasting. Combined with equipment, personnel and other information, data collection is completed, and combined with the MES system, the entire process of single-piece traceability is realized.

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u  Tracebility Management System


u  TMS Value

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By scanning the code, a large number of discrete human, machine, material, method and environmental information in the production process are systematically collected and correlated to achieve transparent production and product traceability.